Confidently Sell Your Expertise 
Secure Corporate Clients
The 12-Month Accelerator Empowering Women Experts, Consultants & Service Providers
To Create Life-Changing Income & World-Changing Impact.

There’s a revenue disparity facing women in business.
It’s time to shatter it.

You’re an EXPERT. No doubt.

But there’s a critical problem…
selling your expertise is NOT your forte.

Sis, you’re not alone.

The #1 challenge for women entrepreneurs like yourself is finding the right clients.

Women are fleeing corporate and launching businesses in record numbers…

Yet, our businesses average $67,000 less in annual revenue than male-owned firms. 


Are you doing “all of the things” to land clients?

🥂 One month you’re on cloud nine celebrating a new business client…
📆 only to wait for MONTHS to find the next one.

Or worse, to make ends meet, you take on less than desirable “P.I.T.A” clients…
only to end up regretting it each time.

Having a business that’s sustained by word of mouth is great for your ego…
but it leaves much to be desired when you need consistent, predictable cash flow.

Too many brilliant women, like yourself, are stifled by inconsistent revenue.

And too many “online experts” are teaching time-intensive B2C strategies,
that don’t work for landing deals with business decision-makers.

Business development training is my platform for activism.

It is my attempt at leveling the playing field
and permanently changing the narrative for ALL women in business.

It’s time to…

Amplify Your Influence.
Build High-Value Business Relationships.
Command Premium Pricing.
And Secure The Bag.

We are on a mission to shatter the revenue disparity and empower 
thousands of women thought-leaders, like yourself.

You launched your business for greater freedom, significance and impact.

No more settling for doing “well enough”.

Learn how to consistently
Attract & Land Higher-Paying Business Clients.

6 Ways This B2B Client Accelerator Serves You...

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The Moment It All Changed...

Hi, I'm Liz!

I'm the founder of the consulting agency, Stimulyst.

Prior to entrepreneurship, I spent a decade in corporate as a sales professional.

On my fateful 30th birthday, I realized that six-figures did not equate to happiness.

So with a burst of courage (or insanity depending on who you ask!), I dropped Corporate America in pursuit of fulfillment...

I believed there had to be more to life than burn-out, feeling undervalued and living life at a fraction of my potential.

Things started out amazing at first. I wrote a book. Built a global movement. I was brought in to consult for powerful business leaders.

I was doing ALL of the things to grow my business and missing quality time with my husband and kids...

but I could see the progress and knew I was on the right track.

And then...

I found out I was pregnant with my husband and I's third child.

I gained 72 lbs and spent most of the pregnancy on bed rest.

My business revenue flatlined.

I knew then that my days as a hustling entrepreneur working 14+ hour days were over.

I was back to square one.

Fast forward six months after giving birth to baby Legacy...

I had closed over $500k in new business from the corner of my bedroom-

closing deals with corporate executives and asset managers of major investment firms

from Zoom meetings while nursing my baby girl.

12 months after that- $2.3 million closed.

That was 2016-2017, long before COVID-19.

Since then, I've further mastered my own client acquisition system that corporate clients bring me in to train and implement.

YES, you can run your business YOUR way.
YES, you absolutely can attract business clients who will pay top dollar for your expertise.

NO, you don't have to ride the feast or famine revenue rollercoaster of inconsistent cash flow.

NO, you don't need to sell your soul to secure the bag.

But you do need proven systems to attract the right business clients and charge premium pricing.

Trust me, structure creates freedom.

I’m handing you my proven process and systems on a silver platter,

so that you can tweak them and apply them to the way that YOU want to do business.

It's time for you to step into your power and show up as the woman you've been craving all along...

because your "yes" to showing up will give others permission to do the same.

#BigMoney is all about creating life-changing income so that you can focus on your legacy and impact.

Are you ready to BE a movement?

Join me,

Ready For A New Normal?

Here’s the hard truth about selling-

It’s not the type of thing you master by reading a book or article.

You aren’t born a natural salesperson…

It is a skillset you develop.

Me telling you WHAT to do to improve your results is EASY …

But you actually changing how you engage and develop value-based relationships,

is not an overnight fix.

Not because your fingers are too weak to pick up your cell and press 10 digits…

Nor is it because you don’t know how to compose an email on the device that you practically live on…

It’s because…

To consistently close new clients and shift from solopreneur to CEO, you need to change more than just what you’re doing-

It’s going to require transforming who you’re BEING. 

That’s why The #BigMoney Movement is engineered

for the long-haul-

complete with the ultimate bizdev on-demand video training library, group coaching calls, mindset calls, weekly accountability & an unparalleled community of supportive high-powered women.

We’ll block time on the calendar, strategize your real-life challenges & map out how to close actual deals- 

Together. No excuses.

Get out of your lonely, dangerous mind-

and DO the things that are proven to win business clients.

Are you ready for a “new normal”

filled with unprecedented results and #bigmoney wins?

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The ONLY B2B Client Accelerator for Women Experts, Consultants & Service Providers

❕One Full Year of Private Group-Based Coaching Support
❕ Weekly Group Coaching Calls 
❕ Weekly Mindset & Motivation Recordings
❕ Weekly Critiques On Your Sales & Marketing Assets
❕ Ever-Growing On-Demand Virtual Training Library 
❕ 56+ (!!) Sales Scripts, Proposal Templates & Swipe Files
❕ Laser Feedback, Role-Plays & Proven Strategies
❕ Mastermind with Fellow High-Powered Women Experts
❕ 24/7 Support in our Private Community
❕ Annual In-Person Event: #BigMoney Movement LIVE